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In conducting a risk assessment of your home, we thoroughly evaluate not only your house and property, but your entire neighborhood as well. We need to be objective just like you do because it can provide a true measure of steps for you that need to be taken in order to properly secure your home from intruders and invaders.

Getting Started

Once you have decided that conducting a risk assessment is in order for you, we lay out a plan and strategy for protecting your home. One of the best places we start is with an analysis of crime in your immediate area. To determine the types of crimes and even accidents that have occurred in your neighborhood, we contact local, county, and state law enforcement as well as other local agencies for assistance. We research and gather the latest crime statistics and other information for your area to get a complete picture for your own Home Security Planning Risk Assessment Report.

Gathering this information and knowledge for our security risk analysis will help you to properly evaluate the overall risk of crime occurrences in your neighborhood, which will let you know what types of actions you need to take to adequately secure your home.

We Critically Evaluate your Home

We start with your kitchen and gradually work our way through each room in your house. We check out the smallest things, and many other things that could cause a danger.

We also take a good look around outside your home as well to determine whether you have enough lighting. As we make observations, we also take notes about shrubbery that is around your home. In our Security Risk Planning, we make every effort to eliminate opportunities for possible intruders to hide around your home.

If we find that you do not have sufficient lighting, we will recommend having some security sensor lighting installed around the property as needed. We know that sensor lighting is designed to come on whenever someone walks along the path or area where you have them installed, making them an ideal security measure for deterrence. We also know that for you to have this type of lighting can also contribute to lowering your homeowner's insurance rates, so purchasing them will likely pay for itself with the reduction of your annual premiums.

Once we have evaluated each area of your home, we create a comprehensive list in our Security Risk Planning Report so that we can work together and put together a well thought out Security Risk Planning Report for your insurance agent. Sometimes, providing your insurance agent with a comprehensive report like this can help to lower your homeowner's insurance rates.

We recognize that to do more than simply create a report and hand it off to you and your insurance agent, you will need to take the necessary steps to ensure that your home is more secure. By doing this, you will be demonstrating to your agent that you are serious about home security, and your actions (when combined with your Security Risk Assessment Report from us) could very well combine to create a significant reduction in your homeowner's insurance premiums.

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Why Would a Small Business Need a Security Risk Assessment?

What does a Security Risk Assessment do for my business?  It is a means of identifying all the possible risks your business could face and assist you, the owner, in planning strategies to make sure these risks are reduced or eliminated before they hurt your business.  My company, as Security Consultants, use these assessments to figure out how your security measures are set up and what you may need to upgrade to protect all your assets.

If you have no idea of what threats or risks your business could be facing, then how are you to protect your assets from them?  This is where our Security Risk Assessment analysis is the only logical way of identifying and reducing them.  So what are they used for the most?

They can be used for:

Your hiring practices to reduce lawsuits to what you do in case of a natural disaster. 

This can help to assist you in planning your insurance needs, and to review your policy and procedures. 

They are used for protecting your property as in doors, windows, locks, cameras and alarm systems. 

They can help with your hiring, retention and termination procedures to reduce potential lawsuits. 

They can assist in planning:

How to reduce your theft issues, risks from other inventory losses, reduce potential loss from accidents or criminal activities. 

They may help to reduce your insurance costs and they could be used to help you hire security providers correctly. 

Plan for premises and disaster liabilities, plan for how criminals can make you an easy target. 

There are three main areas of security in a business no matter what size it is; they are Location, People and Information.  Risk assessments can help you decide on what security measures are needed to protect each of these areas.  They identify all types of threats and risks that could befall your business or any of your assets.  They assist you in upgrading existing measures and implementing new measures of protection.

Crimes are more often perpetrated by an employee than an outsider. This can cause people in business to overstate their security measures to just looking at inside threats.  If you give a criminal an opportunity to commit a crime then they will certainly make you a victim someday.  So by using a risk assessment, you can look for all the threats and risks and make decided measures that reduce the whole of the risks you face.

Business owners must remember that security is more than just having a door lock and an alarm system in place . It has to do with every area of your specific business, there are no one size fits all applications. What works for a business like yours in one part of your town may not work at all for your specific location. Get the facts you need to make a decision based on what is likely to happen to your business as to the threats and risks you face by a professional.  Then implement the needed security measures to protect your assets.

This will save you costs of insurance premium raises and lawsuits from happening in the future.  There is the old saying, being prepared is less costly than reacting to an incident, take this to heart and protect your company or find yourself out of business or worse in court facing a major lawsuit.  The choice is yours!

If your interested in a Security Risk Planning Assessment to help your business, please feel to contact us through our website, email us, or call us at 727.667.5045.  We look forward to hearing from you!