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10 Home Security Tips

Having a strategy to secure your home from burglars and keeping your family safe is something everyone should consider. Having the attitude of "It will never happen to me" is a sure way to becoming a victim.

As part of your security strategy, there are many aspects of personal and property based security measures you can incorporate into your plan. However, before you build a security plan, it is important to assess your situation from an un-biased perspective. Conduct a security audit of your home so you can properly address areas that may expose your family to dangerous situations.

After the audit, you may want to consider some of the following security tips:

1.  Remove house keys from obvious areas like planters and underneath door mats. Install a keyless entry system where the kids know the code and can access the home without you having to leave the back door open. The alarm codes can easily be changed if compromised.

2.  Doors to the garage are usually left unlocked. Intruders who are able to access the garage have a free pass into 3.  the house.

3.  Exterior Lights need to be maintained and bulbs replaced, especially in areas that can easily hide intruders while they are trying to enter the home unseen.

4.  Add gravel to walkways and driveway areas to alert you if someone is walking up to your home.

5.  Add Home security signs to the front of your property even if you do not have an alarm company. This may deter an individual that may happen upon your home accidentally and make them think twice about entering.

6.  Use a metal bar cut to a length a few inches less than the patio door itself. This will allow a patio door to open only a few inches for airflow but still maintain security. A cut off broom handle will also work.

7.  Keep bushes trimmed around windows and doors. 
Overgrown plants can provide and excellent cover for an intruder if they are trying to break into a home.

8.  If you have a home security system, ensure you have multiple panic alarm buttons throughout the home.

9.  Have a designated meeting place defined for your entire family in case of any emergency.

10.  Consistently check basement and other external entrances for signs of attempted break ins. Intruders may test these areas without the homeowner even knowing they were there prior to an actual break-in occurring.

In summary, having a plan and security strategy can help you protect your home and family from harm and paying attention to just a few of these home security tips can help you maintain a more safe and secure environment.
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