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Safety & Security Issues - Strategies & Solutions
Security Watch Education, Intelligence & Guidelines For America was founded in 
March, 2012 by JW Davis.  

One of the most important issues we address with is to concentrate on the educational aspect of safety and security for you, your family and your business.  This includes the latest technology, intelligence, strategies and solutions in overall security for every aspect of your life.  

Our mission here is to address Safety and Security Issues in your personal life as well as your business and community lifestyle.  We offer strategies to help you pre-plan Strategies that address your Safety and Security Issues and concerns for your particular situation.  This in turn puts in motion solutions for the protection of your family, your home and its contents, your personal lifestyle, your business life, its contents and regional community security issues as well.  

We are serious about making sure ALL aspects of your life is protected!  

Our intensive protection strategies and solutions offered here for all aspects of your personal life and business is what sets us apart from anyone else.  


Since the company was founded in 2012, our daily goal has been to treat everyone with intelligence, pride and professionalism.  Our goal is to provide some of the most advanced information, intelligence and skills in strategies and solutions for you to help you protect your life and those around you.

If you think that is a solution for you, then it is your obligation and responsibility to educate yourself, learn and then take action to make it happen.

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JW Davis 
Founder & President

TEL:  727.657.3339

JW is a trained First Responder Fire & Rescue Firefighter in Kentucky with many certificates in firefighting.  

In 2009 JW was hired by Pirates Cove Resort at KentuckyLake in Marshall County, do patrol security for the community near Hardin, Kentucky. This included patrolling a 66 square mile area of an office, a lodge, a private airstrip, a beach area, 6 campgrounds and hundreds of vacation homes. 

At that that time, a meeting was held with the citizens of the community to re-establish the Pirates Cove Resort Neighborhood Watch in the community.

JW put together a program called the Community Watch Series sponsored by the Neighborhood Watch of Pirates Cove Resort.  This featured speakers from the county and state, to come in and address the citizens' concerns and issues and other safety and security issues for the community.  This agenda was presented and discussed via a TownHall meeting. 

" I cant think of anything more important than taking definate and decisive measures to protect your family, home, business and personal safety and security," JW said.  "When you have an attitude of 'it wont happen to me' mentality, you are definitely asking for trouble," he said. was designed to help bring the latest in Safety and Security Issues, Analysis, Advice, Advisories, hard to find Information, Intelligence, Strategies, Solutions and Protection Products for security & safety into today's 21st century.  This is for the benefit and education for the public's awareness and to help everyone stopping here to learn the skills you need to protect your way of life.

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Our Vision is to be your Only Choice to learn Security Risk and Investigation Services.  We do this in partnership with Business, Commercial, Industrial and Personal Security strategies throughout the county.  Our vision is to provide Protective Services Consulting and Expert Guidance as our communities adapt to the accelerating pace of worldwide change.  One of our goals is to strive for a culture bonded in the highest Ethical and Professional standards in response to community, business and personal security risk needs at all times by incorporating hi-tech technology and maintaining a force having Pride, Professionalism, Courteous and Confident Associates.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver Customized, Professional Security Risk and Investigative Solutions and Strategies information in America demonstrating Responsiveness, Diligence, and Professionalism by building on American values company and website of Courage, Wisdom, Honesty and Respect.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values include:  The Value of Cooperation: Our Business, Commercial, Industrial and Personal Security associates require our security programs to be Dynamic and Responsive while meeting Corporate Social Responsibility Mandates.  Our strategic positioning and goals necessitate our need for full cooperation and understanding to their needs. Equally, across America we seek out and work in parallel and partnership with Communities as a cooperative commitment to bring business and commercial capacity building to these communities.

The Value of Integrity: Our associates are checked and selected for their aptitude to carry out their duties with Honesty, Integrity and Good Judgment. We are committed to Professional Security Industry Standards offering Leadership, Training and Intelligence that exceeds our industries norms. Our Partners and Clients can be confident that their Assets, People and Property are secure and all of our dealings are Transparent, Open, Honest and Fair to our clients. As for our Associates, Guards and Investigators, the Security Most Wanted Group and Investigations Code of Conduct hold them accountable.

Other Values We Practice

The Security Most Wanted Group also embraces the following values for its members:

Organizational climate of Trust and Respect
Atmosphere that allows for Innovation and Change in the 
Delivery of Quality Public Safety and Security Services

The Security Most Wanted Group exists to serve the community by protecting life and property, by preventing crime, by enforcing the law, and by maintaining order for all in the area’s we serve. We consider service to our community to be our primary responsibility. We will always strive to professionally and enthusiastically respond to the community's security risk needs. Our values are characteristics and qualities of worth. They are nonnegotiable. We hold our values constantly before us to teach and remind us and the community of our ideals.  

We, the members of the Security Most Wanted Group, value:

We value human life and dignity above all else. We give first priority to situations which threaten life. We use force only when necessary. We treat all people with courtesy and respect. We are compassionate and caring.

We believe integrity is the basis for community trust. We are honest and truthful. We are consistent in our beliefs and actions. We hold ourselves to high standards of moral and ethical conduct. We are trying to be role models for the community.

We believe in the principles of our constitution. We recognize the authority of laws. We respect and protect the rights of all citizens. We treat all persons fairly and without favoritism. We are knowledgeable of the law. We enforce the law. We obey the law.

We strive for personal and professional excellence. We do our best. We have a vision for the future. We seek adequate resources: staffing, facilities, equipment, training, salaries, and benefits. We recruit and hire the best people. We train and develop our employees to their highest potential. We are committed to fair and equitable personnel practices. We provide organizational mobility. We recognize and reward good performance. We support reasonable risk taking and are tolerant of honest mistakes. We are receptive to new ideas and to change. We lead by example.

We are accountable to each other and to the community we serve; they are the source of our authority. We communicate openly and honestly among ourselves and with the community. We understand the importance of community values and expectations. We acknowledge our mistakes and are open to constructive criticism. We manage our resources effectively. We thoroughly investigate complaints against our employees.

We believe that cooperation and team work will enable us to combine our diverse backgrounds, skills, and styles to achieve common goals. We work as a team. We understand our role in achieving department and community goals and objectives. We share our responsibility to serve the citizens of Pantnagar with many other agencies and organizations. We strive to understand those who disagree with us. We seek the help and cooperation of others. We seek to resolve conflicts. We rely on community support and involvement. We work toward realistic, mutually agreed upon goals.

We are trying to be the most efficient when we help identify and solve community problems. We work to anticipate and prevent problems. We give high priority to preventing crime and helping citizens feel safe. We actively seek opinions and ideas from others. We plan, analyze, and evaluate. We recognize that crime is a community problem. We listen to problems and complaints with empathy and sensitivity. We seek innovative solutions.

We are capable, caring people who are doing important and satisfying work for the citizens of the communities we serve. We respect, trust, support, and care about each other. We enjoy our work and take pride in our accomplishments. We are disciplined and reliable. We keep our perspective and sense of humor. We balance our professional and personal lives. We consult the people who will be affected by our decisions. We have a positive, "can do" attitude. We cultivate our best characteristics: Initiative, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Patience, Competence, Judgment, Compassion, and Understanding.

Our commitment to quality securing is demonstrated by adhering to the following principles:

The Security Most Wanted Group seeks the consent and partnership of the people and community it serves. The values and identity are established one citizen contact at a time. Security Risk at all times should maintain a relationship that gives reality to the historic tradition that the security are the public and the public are the security; the security being the only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

The Security Most Wanted Group determines security risk priorities in partnership with the community. Because safety and security is a shared responsibility, we encourage responsible community citizens to take an active role in maintaining their own safety and the security of others.

Community outreach is an integral component and guiding principle of the our commitment to community-oriented problem solving by providing responsible community citizens with protective steps they can take to maintain their own safety and the security of others in their community.

The Security Most Wanted Group seeks to prevent crime rather than merely responding to it after it occurs. The basic mission for which our security solutions and strategies exists is to prevent crime and disorder. The test of security risk efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.

Research by the Security Most Wanted Group has shown that when officers exit their vehicles and patrol on foot or engage in informal conversations with the community, community citizens feel safer and satisfaction with them increases.

In addition, community citizens are far more likely to share information on criminal activity or other problems with a familiar figure than with a stranger.  Therefore, we believe in encouraging officers to form relationships with community citizens and beyond.   These conversations and interactions present an opportunity for officers to solicit information about ongoing problems and concerns, thereby facilitating officers’ problem-solving efforts.  We feel these actions are responsible and indispensable for both law enforcement and the community.
Having a record of your 
property is important for insurance purposes.
to find out how we can 
help you achieve this goal!
Security Watch Education For Our Lives!

We Are Dedicated To Providing You With Education & Resources
Addressing Security Issues, Analysis, Strategies & Solutions...
Sec​urity For Your Business, Home, Community and Your Private Life! has a passion for 
helping people to protect themselves, their businesses, 
and their local communities.  Our organization started 
out as a security most wanted company, so switching 
over to a security council was a natural for us.  

Our goal is to help educate the general population like you 
and make available the latest intelligence, strategies, solutions and technology to help you to protect your life and property 
as well as your business and community as a whole.   We feel 
that addressing security issues and providing education 
with strategies and solutions for your safety is one of
the most important endeavors we can encounter as 
we face the dangers happening in today's world everywhere.  

In addition, we are one of the few organizations out here 
to provide and help you complete a thorough inventory of your home or business for insurance recovery disaster issues 
from burglary, flooding waters or fire.  We feel this is an important tool for you to utilize and keep updated every 
3-5 years or less for your protection against permanent loss.  

Keeping a valid record for your insurance company for the 
value of all your personal property, business assets, collections 
and family heirlooms is just common sense.  In addition you may also decide in planning to use the inventory records for tax purposes or other estate planning issues.  This is a wise decision that has value to everyone!  

We hope that clients we help with these issues will feel more secure and satisfied in knowing that they took the time to address these issues.  Having a record of your personal items recorded will be one of the smartest decisions you have ever made! - - The Security Most Wanted Group          ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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