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Safety & Security Issues - Strategies - Solutions
Security Most Wanted uses
a wide variety of intelligence to conduct a complete service audit.
We reveal technology, training, solutions 
& strategies to protect 
you from security risks 
to you, your business 
and your family. 
Once we have full agreement and compliance, we oversee the implementation of 
a security risk  strategy 
& solution driven 
protection program.
When you have experienced a loss, it doesn’t always work to rely on memory to reconstruct a list of missing items. 

The emotional stress of loss makes it even more likely you’ll forget important possessions when you get asked to create a list.  That’s why it’s important to prepare a digital inventory before disaster strikes. provides an accurate documented description of your possessions in your home, business or office to ensure proper settlement at the time of an insurance claim.
Here’s what you can expect from your Inventory Professional!

Consultation Appointment:  
At your consultation appointment we determine if you want to manage your own inventory and how to process it.  We will provide an estimate and the time needed to process your inventory including tips that help you get ready for your inventory.  
We work with you to provide what you require.

During Your Home Inventory: 
We carefully videotape and photograph your assets including detailed 
information and pictures of items in your home based on our expert 
knowledge of items that need to be recorded.  Also included is the 
outside of your home including landscaping. 

Our pricing is determined by the size of the home 
and quantity of items to be inventoried. Garages, 
sheds, offsite property, collectibles & heirlooms, gun 
collections or other types of collections and home 
based business inventories are priced by the hour.

Storage of Your Inventory Records: 
Picture This Asset Inventory Service LLC suggests that you keep a 
copy of your inventory records in a safe place like a safe deposit box and 
also keep a copy with a trusted family member, attorney, trustee or 
insurance agent. Storage in the cloud with a trusted site or 
purchasing an online inventory service is also recommended.

During your Business Inventory: 
We carefully videotape and photograph your business 
assets including owned furniture, fixtures, electronics, artwork, 
picturesand accessories. Pricing is based on an hourly 
charge. Contact us for a consultation appointment.

Delivery of your inventory: 
We provide your inventory back to you in a timely manner.  
All content including pictures, video and inventory 
listings will be provided to you on a flash drive or CD.  
All information is returned to you.           

Ready to Have Safety, Security & Peace of Mind?

To get started, simply call or send us a message to set up your 
consultation appointment.  You won’t regret your decision to pump
 up the power of protection with

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This includes a diverse background in Security Risk Planning Procedures and Strategies.  I cover Federal, State, Corporate and Private Security Issues, 
Strategies and Solutions. 
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