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Security Most Wanted uses
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Once we have full agreement and compliance, we oversee the implementation of a security risk  strategy & solution driven protection program.
The Security Most Wanted Group has a policy of monitoring Key Performance Solution & Strategy Indicators at 4 week intervals adjusting implemented strategies as needed.

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Our top 5 personal security tips highlight's 5 strategies of observation, body language, self-protection, access control and physical security used by special forces and professional bodyguards world-wide which can be incorporated into your everyday personal protection and safety plan.  These security tips will benefit individual male and females and their children.  They are also useful for any one running a business employing staff.

To understand the concept of personal security is to live your life free from most of the daily security concerns that many people have to contend with.  The highest percentage of people amble through their lives in what security experts call Condition White.  Our top 5 personal security tips should elevate you through the security color code system and place you in a position to minimize the security risks to you, your family and your business partners and associates.

#1- Observation. has researched and studied some of the very best security specialists  in our network who are professionally trained bodyguards.  We are not talking about muscle bound knuckle draggers who eke out a living ensuring the safety of night club revelers.  We are talking about professional bodyguards who have been highly trained in close protection skills specifically designed to protect high income generating VIP's, high-officials and celebrities.

We have researched and provided you here in our website with a network of specialists, some who have been training professional close protection officers internationally for close to 20 years.  Some of the very best services we provide information for is in observation skills, followed by further specialized services in observation.  Whether we like to admit it or not, human beings are predators.  Predators by definition have great observation skills.  As the human race has evolved from club wielding cavemen into a generally more peaceful existence, most human beings have never really utilized their observation skills beyond normal day to day usage.

Our research into professional security personnel reveal that they  have developed and maintain dynamic observation skills which is a key for you to provide above average protection for your personal security.  Once you learn to observe what is happening around you, you will be able to implement and practice suitable counter measures to avoid dangerous security risks to your physical person.

#2- Body Language
International security and intelligence forces have been training their covert operatives for many years in the science of body language.  Unlike most sciences, body language is still considered unconventional in many academic circles.  From a physical protection perspective, understanding body language is akin to having a get out of jail free card.  When utilized with advanced observation skills recognizing key aspects of a potential attacker's body language, you can give yourself a definite edge in any dangerous encounter.  You can learn and have professional security for yourself, your loved ones and business associates and certainly be a specialists and expert in body language that will surely protect you from dangerous individuals out there looking for an opportunity to do you, your loved ones or business associates, harm.

#3- Self Protection
As descendants of dinosaur hunting predators we all have a self protection gene buried somewhere deep inside us.  For many of us, our brain and body are finely tuned to elements of danger.  The problem is most of us fail to realize we posses this very valuable attribute.  Self protection can be explained by the mention of the phrase gut feeling.  Whenever you meet someone who you feel uncomfortable being close to, you would mention to a friend that you had a gut feeling about that person.  It's the same thing when you are walking in a strange area and you get a gut feeling that something isn't quite right, so you turn around and go back.  This is your self protection 'gut feeling' in action.  Scientists often refer to this concept as the fight or flight syndrome.  You can study and learn yourself to be a professional security specialists which will help to protect you when self-protection instincts kick in.

Nine times out of ten your gut feeling is right so don't ignore this self protection personal security tip.  Make sure you are aware when your gut feeling instinct is evident to you or kicks in.

#4- Access Control
Our research and study of many security experts worth their salt will inform you that the highest percentage of security problems are defeated by maintaining good access control systems.  In relation to the top 5 personal security tips access control means minimizing access to anyone or anything that may harm you or your loved ones.  For example.  You are a female who strikes up a conversation with a male co-worker.  This man misreads your initial friendship and stalks you.  You must immediately implement stringent access control measures.  This person may not even realize he is stalking you, however stalkers crave one thing above all else, control.  To gain control over you he has to have access to you.  Your aim should be to implement counter stalking strategies and solutions to minimize and then eradicate his access control. In no circumstances should you continue talking to this person, in person, by telephone, text, e-mail, letters etc.  You can certainly learn how to be an expert and a professional and put into place access control measures to solve this issue with careful study and action..

#5- Physical Security
After careful and intense study, we know many of you can be trained in special forces tactics and close protection procedures.  Many of the officers we researched and studied have been trained in 42 different countries across four continents.  One thing that sets these people up above their peers in other military and security agencies is their advanced levels of confidence.  The reason for this confidence which many opponents foolishly mistake for arrogance is their advanced levels of specialiszd training.  A good percentage of this training focuses on their own physical security.  Many of these experts have participated in martial arts, which has increased there level of confidence by default.  We have learned many of these experts have extreme confidence in the extensive rigorous training that they have participated in to provide the necessary physical security when needed.  Your commitment to do the same can also be just as rewarding for you, your loved ones and business associates.  This training has resulted in them being a willing hard target to would be attackers and you can join them as well.  Most attackers are cowards who seek soft targets.  You can learn to constantly practice for as well to be become some of the hardest targets on the planet.

Although every security expert will inform you there is no such concept as 100% security, utilizing and being aware of these top 5 personal security tips will help increase your personal security awareness and reduce the likelihood of you being targeted for attack when one of our security experts are not around.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to go through our website to find out how we can help you learn to start protecting you, your loved ones and business associates by dedicating yourself to learning, reseaching and studying to protect your life from harm!

1.  Always walk in well-lit public areas that are not secluded.

2.  Avoid using stairs in remote sections of a building.

3.  Avoid working alone in your building especially after dark.

4.  When working late, move your car to a parking space close to the exit door before it gets dark.

5.  Mobile phones can be explosive, avoid using them near gas pumps.

6.  Have your car keys ready and in hand before returning to your vehicle.

7.  Practice being aware in your surroundings . . . even when you are in a group.

8.  Don’t ignore any unusual or suspicious activity.

9.  The Internal Revenue Service will never contact you by email. Beware of email and phone scams.

10.  Carefully shred all unwanted credit solicitations received via U. S. mail.

I have created this website with my 
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JW Davis
Founder / President

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